90esimo anniversario

Company profile

We have been providing an increasingly complete service in the construction and plant maintenance fields, from the mechanical area to the electro-instrumental and building area, from the execution of specific work to complete management and coordination of the connected activity.

The experience acquired, operating in various industrial realities, both in maintenance and in advanced industrial plants allows the CESTARO ROSSI Group to offer the clients a customisable and flexible service tailored to their needs.

The companies of the group, belonging to a single owner, collaborate in synergy offering the client the possibility of:

  • planning and performing individual specialist mechanical and/or electro-instrumental works;
  • planning and performing works assigned to them with coordination of the activity of the other contracting companies as "main contractor";
  • turnkey planning and performance of all the works envisaged for the completion of the contracted jobs;
  • performing an integrated GLOBAL SERVICE.

This dynamic managerial and operative adjustment of its own structures to the many and growing needs of the clients makes the Group increasingly complete and competitive today in the sector of constructions and industrial plant maintenance.


Our objective is customer satisfaction: pursuing it and maintaining it means continuing to improve, dedicating time and resources to activities aimed at:

  • a culture of safety and of the environment
  • training/information
  • technical/computing refresher courses
  • quality management
  • equipment innovation/renewal

The Cestaro Group puts the health and safety of its own employees and respect of the environment at the top of the list of its activities. The fundamental, essential and interdependent elements in its own working sector/environment.