90esimo anniversario


cestaro rossi spaCestaro Rossi & c. S.p.A.

CESTARO ROSSI was established in Bari in 1921 as "Officine Meccaniche Liguro-Lombarde Cestaro e Rossi & c. s.n.c." pioneers with a typical pioneering spirit of those who operate in an industrial sector, which was at the time in its early stages. The first orders concerned the installation of the large diesel engines necessary for producing electrical energy and the production of machinery for the olive oil, wine making and pastification industry.

The big change came in the post-war period: the company became a Joint Stock Company in 1952, beginning to perform mechanical maintenance in the STANIC refinery in Bari and thus directing its own activity in the field of plants and industrial maintenance of petrol, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, iron and steel plants and power stations.

In 1999, almost a century after it was established, Cestaro Rossi purchased Impiantistica Traversa s.r.l., a company specialised in the electro-instrumental sector with a view of offering clients an increasingly complete service, thus creating the Electroinstrumental division inside it.

Cestaro Rossi & C S.p.A. also carries out its business in the field of construction and maintenance of civil and industrial electro-instrumental plants, PLC managed control rooms, LV/MV cabins, electric distribution, command and control panels, electrical power production and distribution systems, industrial automation, remote control, creating photovoltaic systems erection.

Cestaro Rossi & C S.p.A. is capable of offering a multidisciplinary service optimised by the synergies among the specialisations involved according to the customers's needs.