90esimo anniversario


On March 31st 2014 on the occasion of the Safety Day organised by the company ENI, at its headquarters in San Donato Milanese, CESTARO ROSSI S.p.A., in the person of its Chairman Mr. Fabio Dalla Serra, were the proud and satisfied recipients of the ENI Safety Award 2014 for the category “Mechanical Maintenance”. CESTARO ROSSI has been qualified since the 1950's and carries out its business in the ENI refineries and plants.

After having briefly illustrated the actions carried out to achieve and maintain the accomplished results, Mr Dalla Serra underlined that:
“the OBJECTIVE of our Company has always been that of seeking and transmitting to all our staf the safety culture. The safety culture is part and parcel of our DNA, of our cultural heritage since we started to breathe it and integrate it into our know how from the 1950's when we started operating in refineries and petrochemical plants. Our company believes that its existence and survival on the market is closely connected to the guarantee that all its activities are carried out in respect of all round safety.
Safety for us means:

  • Employing suitable and technically qualified personnel for the attributed jobs
  • Using the most suitable equipment constantly guaranteeing its efficiency and integrity
  • Ensuring the correct application of the executive procedures employed during the performance of the works

Working safely and respecting the laws, standards and procedures for our company means preserving and safeguarding our most important assets which consist of our engineers and workforce.

It is our strong desire and we are convinced that this is the right direction to work in.”

And he concluded by highlighting that the award received on this occasion is undoubtedly not a finish line but a stimulus to continue improving in order to continue to grow and continue to remain on the market on the strength of our 90 plus years experience, since CESTARO ROSSI was founded in 1921.